Design Brief

To complete the design and setup of your Branded Email please fill in the form below. Signature details will need to be supplied via a CSV file(see download link below) that should be supplied with this document. All logos, images and details need to be supplied and or referenced to pages/ images on your website.

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CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a plain-text file format for data storage. The information is organized with one record on each line and each field is separated by a comma. The file can be managed via Microsoft Excel (or similar spreadsheet software programs).

Branded Emails Procedure

  • Client completes & submits brief as per below
  • Design done & returned to client for approval (up to 2 edits allowed)
  • Client approves design
  • Crystal completes the implementation
  • Crystal hands over to client for final testing & approval

Client Details


Your Branded Email Banner

  • Please supply the details for at least one banner.

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