Provision Of Service

Crystal Integrated I.T. Solutions (“Crystal” hereafter), agrees to provide computer and network related services pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

1. Rates: Crystal provides computer related services on a “time and materials” basis. An hourly rate will apply at the prevailing rate, billed in increments of 15 minutes, (with a minimum charge of 30 minutes per job). A call out fee will apply for work carried out on site and additional travel charges may also apply where the customer site is greater than 20 kms from a Crystal office.

2. Business Hours: Standard business hours are 9:00am – 5:30pm Mon – Fri (excluding public holidays).

3. Work Guarantee: Crystal guarantees all work for a period of 7 days (the “Guarantee Period”), from the date the work was carried out.

Any identical or related issue which re-emerge, must be communicated to Crystal within the Guarantee Period to have the matter fixed free of charge. This work guarantee does not cover unrelated matters, nor does it extend to matters brought to our attention after the Guarantee Period has expired.

4. Sign Off: Crystal will provide a “Client Service Report” detailing all work carried out upon job completion for client sign off purposes.

5. Payment Terms: All work carried out must be paid for upon satisfactory completion of job (ie C.O.D.), unless prior arrangements have been made.

6. Limit of Liability: Crystal Integrated I.T. Solutions accepts no responsibility for loss of data, consequential loss, loss of profits or damages as a result of any work carried out, under any circumstances whatsoever. (Data backup is the responsibility of the Client).

7. Telephone & Remote Support: Provision of telephone or remote access support is subject to our current hourly rate charges, billed in 15 minute increments.