Terms & Conditions – Remote Support

1. Our remote support software is called Team Viewer. It is a free download from our site, however you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions before you download and use our software.

2. You acknowledge that by running our software, you are granting the Crystal IT technical support representative permission to access your computer for the purposes of technical support.

3. Crystal IT Solutions does not guarantee the ability to diagnose or fix your computer through this remote session.

4. Once the Remote Access session has ended, Crystal IT Solutions no longer maintains access to your computer. To initiate another remote session you will be required to contact a Crystal IT support representative again.

5. It is your responsibility to back up any data, software, and other personal files stored on your computer prior to initiating a session.

6. You agree that Crystal IT Solutions is not responsible under any circumstances for loss or corruption of your data and/or software. Crystal IT Solutions will take all reasonable precautions to avoid deletion or damage to the data and software on your computer.

7. Crystal IT Solutions does not collect personal data or information during the remote access of your computer; however, the date, time and duration of the remote support session will be logged and recorded in our billing system. You acknowledge and agree that Crystal IT Solutions can record and store this remote session data.

8. The contents of your computer will remain confidential except as required by law. It is recommended that you close all personal files before commencing the Remote Access session.

9. You may terminate this session at any time by clicking the “Disconnect” button.

10. Unless you have a maintenance agreement with us, you will incur support charges based on the duration of your support call. Please ask for rates if unsure.