How many emails are sent from your business daily?


Branded Emails Overview Features Benefits example Pricing
Overview Features Benefits Examples Pricing  
  • That could be 200 promotional and advertising opportunities going out every day for a week for less than the cost of a coffee.
  • Why not use your email to advertise and promote your Business, Products and Services every time you hit send !
  • branded-email-on-multiple-platformsIt is highly cost effective, quick and easy to set up and works on all major email systems  ie Outlook, Macmail, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps and more.
  • Branded emails works on all devices from desktop, laptops, iPads, tablets and mobile phones. We can design and set up your own Branded Email layout so you can benefit from every email leaving your business each and every day.


Key Benefits

  • Advertise and promote your business, products and services on every email leaving your business daily
  • Drive traffic to your website or enquiry page – your branded email adverts are interactive
  • Receive instant “click alerts” when someone clicks on your advert informing you of who clicked on what and where they were taken on your website.
  • It’s a Great way to Cross-sell and up-sell  your other products and services
  • Build brand awareness – it helps keep your business top of mind
  • Portray a professional image
  • Ensure your brand and company image remains uniform on all staff emails throughout your organisation
  • Every outbound email is a sales & marketing opportunity – so use it and make it work for you



Key Features

  • Our system gives you the ability to manage your own branded email adverts, promotions, user signatures from anywhere in the world
  • The ability to draw performance reports and analyse your Branded emails performance
  • The ability to Control your staffs’ Signatures and disclaimers through one centralised system
  • Control your adverts & message to market by managing staff’s email signature templates
  • Ensure legal & corporate compliance – disclaimers automatically applied to every email
  • Apply Multiple banner adverts which automatically rotate below your signature and click through to the respective pages on your website.



If you would like to learn more or wish to trial Branded Emails for your business, you can either Apply Online or download our brochure and complete the application form, and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

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