All your data in

the palm of your hand



Our Cloud Solution offers a cost effective alternative to traditional on premises IT solutions.

Cloud based email, contacts, calendar & documents that let you work from anywhere & share with your team.

Access and manage all your emails, contacts, calendars and tasks whether you are at your desk or on the go.

An award winning cloud-based system which allows you to mange & co-ordinate all your jobs & staff, from first call to final invoice.

An award winning cloud-based system which allows you to mange & co-ordinate all your jobs & staff, from first call to final invoice.


Crystal IT can introduce you to a comprehensive range of cloud based services, capable of delivering cost saving, increased productivity and data access from any where at anytime from any device.

A clever email signature platform which allows you to promote your products & services, special promotions and branding, through every email sent.

A fully featured, scalable, next generation phone system managed through the cloud offering huge cost saving & powerful features.

A simple to use & inexpensive system of document scanning & cloud storage with powerful search & retrieval capabilities.

Your paper forms converted to electronic format & accessible on your tablet. Perfect for site safety, compliance audits, OH&S, etc.

Showcasing future technologies and innovative concepts to help businesses become more efficient.

As the internet evolves and our computing demands increase, it is more important to use efficient and smart technology.

The delivery of computing services via the “cloud” is the key to delivering higher levels of information while requiring less investment in technology (both hardware and software as well as ongoing maintenance costs).


CloudM8 is a provider of cloud and hosted solutions. We provide cloud based solutions designed to deliver reduced costs to businesses, increased uptime, increased productivity and the ability to work from anywhere. CloudM8 is a division of Crystal Integrated IT Solutions, an independent IT solutions provider based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and is well positioned to provide end to end cloud solutions.

Our mission is to provide industry-leading cloud services and applications with superior technical support and customer service. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal, which we achieve by providing true focus on each customer’s specific needs and providing solutions that meet current and future needs.

IT and the Cloud can be complicated so we make it understandable, suitable and affordable – that’s our focus. We’re not interested in baffling you with technical jargon or locking you into contracts you can’t afford. We want you to be agile and focussed on your business, so you become more successful. Let us take away the burden of technology and deliver a cloud solution that meets your business and budget objectives.