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Why use DataVault Cloud Backup?

DataVault has numerous advantages over traditional backup methods.

1. It’s Automatic:

Online backups are the simplest way to protect your data. Once it’s set, you can forget it. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically at any time you desire. No tapes to change, no burning to CD or DVD, no remembering to take the backup drives/disks home.

2. It’s Secure:

Your data is secured with military grade encryption before it even leaves your computer and only you have the key, meaning you control who has access.

3. It’s Cost Effective:

Online backups offer value for money. For a fraction of the cost, you can have a data backup strategy rivalling those of the large companies. Click here for pricing.

4. It’s Offsite:

For the best protection, your backups must be offsite. A backup strategy that leaves the backup media in the computer or at the office,  isn’t a backup strategy—it’s asking for trouble. Off-site backups provide protection from fire, theft,  sabotage and hardware failure, and removes the risk of backup media being lost or damaged when off-site.

5. It’s Online:

Not only do you have the convenience of automatic backups through your internet connection; you can also access your files through a web browser 24/7. If you need to restore your data, a few clicks of the mouse are all that’s required.

6. It’s Reliable:

In our experience over the past 18 years, backup systems have proven to be the single most problematic area of data management. By removing the dependence on backup drives, media and the human element, we have delivered reliability and peace of mind to the area of managing critical data.


If you would like to learn more about Cloud Backup for your organisation, you can either complete our online form or download our brochure and complete the application form. You will be contacted by a CloudM8 representative to discuss taking you to the cloud.

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