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Disaster recovery

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Disaster Recovery – Planning for future

Disaster Recovery (also known as DR), is a discipline encompassing more than high-quality, off-site backups. It starts with a comprehensive plan and finishes with proper testing.

If your IT infrastructure fails, is damaged or is stolen, your ability to respond to such an event, and the manner in which you recover from it, can affect your ability to continue to operate, revenue earning capacity, corporate goodwill and may even have legal and governance implications.

DataVault Backup helps to protect your company in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Our backup servers enable you to recover lost work, back to the date of your first backup.


Complete Solution

If a core business server or system fails for any reason, the DataVault platform restores your data regardless of the severity of the disaster. Our solution provides fast access to your data the instant you need it, whether it be via our customer on-line portal or by requesting a temporary loan server.


Under our “High Availability DR Solution”, we maintain a number of spare servers, which we loan out to clients who are in need of a temporary solution. We can provide servers for on premise bare metal restoration where a single server has failed, or we can offer pre-configured Virtual servers for situations where multiple servers are required. In addition, we can offer short or long-term virtualised server hosting in our Brisbane data centre.

With Crystal’s High Availability DR Solution, we can have you back up and running within a few hours of any disaster. By restoring your ability to work, even before your physical office is ready, your business will have less likelihood of suffering lost revenue and goodwill.



If you would like to learn more about Cloud Backup for your organisation, you can either complete our online form or download our brochure and complete the application form. You will be contacted by a CloudM8 representative to discuss taking you to the cloud.

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