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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Backups Secure?

Definitely. Your data is securely stored in a remote backup server hosted in a corporate data centre, using military-level encryption employed by most multi-national banks that require a high level of security. All of your data is 256-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on your backup server through a secure SSL channel. Encryption and decryption will only be done on the client’s machine with the user’s password, which will not be transmitted during uploading and downloading. Therefore, nobody else can read the files – not even us.

Will my internet charges go up?

NO, the internet charges will not go up unless your ISP charges for uploads.

How do I know that the backup is successful?

Each time a backup is run, our backup server generates a report and emails you.

Is my network / computer supported?

DataVault is a Windows only backup solution at this time, however, we also have a similar product called Dataguard which supports essentially all common operating systems and databases, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, UNIX, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL.

What backup options do I have?

You can have simple backups from your PC, laptop or server to our cloud backup servers.

Backups are increments, compressed and de-duplicated, to reduce the amount of uploaded data and time your backups take.

Our backup software supports Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus  Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL.

What do I need to back up?

Your computer consists of programs and data; you need to back up your data. As an example, you should backup your Microsoft Word documents but not the Microsoft Word program.

Typical examples of important files for backup include:

– Documents & Spreadsheets

– Accounting data

– Company databases and CRM systems

– HR & Inventory systems

– Emails, contacts and calendars

When should I back up?

Backups are generally done at night when the computer system is not in use.  In this way, backups go through quicker and staff will not feel the effects of any additional bandwidth usage on your internet connection.

How long do you keep my backups?

Your data is stored indefinitely, however you choose the retension period for changes and deletions. Generally customers choose to keep changed and deleted files for 30 days.

How long will my backup take?

Most business backups are completed within an hour. Since the backup program only sends the block-level changes of each file, minimal time is taken.

Will the backup software back up open files?

Yes! Our software uses the Windows Shadow Copy service to backup files which may be open.

Can I have a second copy of my backup files on site?

DataVault backup allows you to backup your files to a secondary location such as external USB drive, or any Network Attached Storage devices.  This approach is very handy as it allows you to restore files quickly and easily, in the event of large volume data loss.

How do you complete the first large backup?

We would normally perform the first big backup to an external hard drive which we then take to our data centre, to speed up your first backup, and reduce the amount of data uploaded during the base backup.

Can I run online backup in conjunction with my existing backup solution?

Yes, our backup solution can complement your existing infrastructure to provide an additional level of protection.

How do I restore files?

You can restore files in one of 3 ways:

1. From your USB hard disk or Network Attached Storage device (if you had a dual destination backup setup);

2. From the secure customer web logon portal; or

3. Via the software client installed on your system

Do I have to restore my entire backup just to recover one file or folder?

No. File recovery is made easy with DataVault. Select the data and the files or folders  that you want to restore, enter your secure encryption password and download the file or folder. That’s it!

What happens if I exceed my backup quota?

Our system will automatically send you an email when you have reached 80% of your quota, and again when you have reached 90% of your account quota, giving you ample time to remove or archive old and un-necessary  files from your system before you hit quota. But in case you need additional space, it’s just a matter of asking us, and we’ll put you up to the next plan for a relatively small additional annual fee.


If you would like to learn more about Cloud Backup for your organisation, you can either complete our online form or download our brochure and complete the application form. You will be contacted by a CloudM8 representative to discuss taking you to the cloud.

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