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Google Message Security

is a platform available to all Google Apps users,which provides protection from external threats of viruses and spam.

And it offers real-time monitoring, alert notifications and message quarantining for internal threats such as inadvertent or malicious leaks of confidential data.

Real-time threat detection

Real-time threat identification, based on processing over two billion email messages per day, provides global visibility to emerging threats. Google automatically identifies and tracks IP addresses that are issuing attacks such as spam, viruses, denial of service (DoS), etc. As soon as a threat is identified, it is blocked for all Google Message Security customers. The threat identification is also self correcting so that as IP addresses stop attacking, they are again allowed to establish simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) connections to send legitimate email messages.


Patented real-time anti-spam technology examines thousands of elements of an email message in order to determine if it is spam. It provides extremely effective spam filtering, and exceptionally low false positive rates.


Anti-virus protection builds on the anti-spam detection and includes zero-hour heuristics and signature based detection methods, together with multiple commercial anti-virus engines.

Content Management

Content management allows you to define policies for both inbound and outbound email that provides an additional layer of protection against external threats. It also delivers protection from inadvertent or malicious leaks of confidential data in outbound email messages and their attachments.

Attachment Management

Attachment management enables you to define specific policies regarding file attachments and allows messages to be blocked or quarantined based on the types or sizes of files that are attached to email messages. Attachment management inspects archive files such as .zip and .rar files to evaluate the files’ contents.


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