Use the power of the cloud to manage your business’s phone system & enjoy huge call cost savings.

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Hosted iPBX

Get the latest phone system without getting a phone system!

What is Hosted iPBX?

Hosted iPBX is a cloud-based phone service which delivers huge cost savings and delivers the features and capabilities of a PBX phone system without the costs associated with having to buy or maintain your own system.

It helps you eliminate up-front capital investment, installation and on-going operating expenses while delivering a huge list of features and functions.

How Does Hosted IPBX Work?

Our Hosted iPBX solutions is very similar to having a normal PABX phone system in your office, except that the features and functions run from our server, in the cloud.

This saves you the cost of buying your own telephone system, and allows us to provide you with all the features and functions you would normally find on the most expensive systems.

In fact, most features are offered free to our clients.

Hosted PBX solutions such as ours use a technology called Voice Over IP (VoIP) to transmit your voice over the Internet, instead of using traditional telephone lines. That means that you can connect one of our Quality Assured VoIP phones to your broadband Internet connection and make and receive calls anywhere. This is a high quality, cost effective alternative to traditional business telephone systems, and immediately reduces your costs by removing expensive line rental charges paid to your Telco.

Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) are notoriously expensive and complicated devices which require expensive add-on cards and a phone technician whenever a change is required.  These changes are usually time consuming and costly. However, to reduce your costs and put you back in control, you can call our Help Desk at any time and request changes over the phone. Most changes can be performed while you wait and at no cost. (Some costs may be incurred for major reconfigurations).

No monthly line rental.
Super low calling rates. Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles*.

See rates below.

Free IVR (Auto attendant) service.
Incredibly clear High Definition digital call quality.
Free night/weekend switch.
Add ‘in house’ extensions anywhere in Australia.
Free calls between all your offices.
Twining** -Your desk extension can ring on your mobile phone (anywhere in the world).
Free Messages On-hold service.
Expand your system for just the cost of a phone handset.
Free Voicemail to Email.

* On the “Max” and “Complete” Plan
** Charges may apply to the setup and/or use of some of these services.


Maximise the productivity of your team and make collaboration a breeze.

Let customers reach you on one phone number anywhere. Use 24/7 access to your conference room for ad hoc meetings. Listen to voicemail on the run on PC, tablet or smart phone directly from your email inbox.

From tired analog fixed line systems to a new digital voice experience.

Increase customer satisfaction and put an end to phone tag with automatic call routing by department function, employee availability and time of day.

Your customers will be greeted by a custom message asking them to “enter an employee’s extension number” or “press one for sales, two for accounts and three for support”.

The system will then progressively ring employees in a department group until an employee answers.

If a caller rings outside business hours the call will go to a global voicemail box to follow up the next day.


Crystal clear voice and free multi-site internal calls

Follow our QoS guidelines and enjoy perfect High Definition phone calls. Make, receive and transfer phone calls across different geographic locations with internet access.



Only limited by your imagination.

Standard PBX Functions

Make, receive & transfer calls to both internal and external users, with ease, and at incredibly cheap rates. All plans include unlimited calls to landlines and some include unlimited calls to mobile too. Easy to set (or change) caller groups (line hunt), so you choose who’s phone rings and in what sequence, until someone in the group answers.

Simultaneous Ring (Mobile Twinning)

Streamline your work flow by having your mobile and desk phone ring simultaneously. Answer on either handset. Great for when you are out of the office.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Eliminate or reduce the cost of a receptionist by having your clients automatically queued and directed to the correct department or user. Greet callers with professionally recorded menus asking them to press 1 for sales & 2 for accounts, etc.

Messages On-hold

On Hold Messages are one of the most effective marketing opportunities your business has. You’ve already got your callers’ ears, so why not use the opportunity to educate them about all the wonderful products and services you offer, while they’re on hold.

Night Switch

Automatically route all calls outside of business hours to your after-hours mailbox, or to an alternate phone number. You can choose different routing options for weekdays and weekends.

Voicemail to Email*

When someone leaves a message in your mailbox, we can convert it to an audio file and instantly email it to your designated email address. This feature means you can listen to them at anytime and anywhere, even with a smartphone in the field. Feel free to roam around knowing that any messages left for you will be delivered via email.

Conference Room*

Order a ‘conference room’ for a low set monthly fee which you can use any time of day or night. Simple to use as your conference participants call in to a local number at the scheduled time with only standard call charges applying.  No expensive set up charges, or exorbitant call charges.

Keep Out-of-Office Employees Connected

An extra extension can be created for a worker operating from home so they can take calls as if they were in the next office. Those travelling overseas can connect via a hotel wireless connection via their laptop and still be ‘in the office’.

Multiple Extensions per Handset

One employee can answer calls for multiple company entities or departments.

*Charges may apply to the setup and/or use of some of these services, depending on your selected plan


Mobile Twinning Simultaneous Ringing

Never miss a call again when your extension ‘twins’ to your mobile when out of the office.



SME IP Voice

(Prices invlide GST)

 Local Calls  Included
 National Calls  Included
 Fixed to Mobiles  $0.30 per call
 International Call (Top 25 Destinations)  $0.20 for 15 min
 Calls to 13/1300 Numbers  $0.25 per call
 Hosted iPBX  Included
 Access/plan fee per extension  Included
 Voicemail to email  Included




Per Handset  Per Month

SME IP Voice

Business MAX

 1-8 Extenstions (Prices invlide GST)

 Local Calls  Included
 National Calls  Included
 Fixed to Mobiles  Included
 International Call (Top 25 Destinations)  $0.20 for 15 min
 Calls to 13/1300 Numbers  $0.25 per call
 Hosted iPBX  Included
 Access/plan fee per extension  Included
 Voicemail to email  Included




Per Handset  Per Month

 IP Voice SME Complete

 (Prices invlide GST)

 Local Calls  Included
 National Calls  Included
 Fixed to Mobiles  Included
 International Call (Top 25 Destinations)  Included
 Calls to 13/1300 Numbers  Included
 Hosted iPBX  Included
 Access/plan fee per extension  Included
 Voicemail to email  Included




Per Handset  Per Month

Compare our most popular capped plans


Includes all local and national calls.


Include all local and national calls
Plus calls to mobile.


Include all local, national and mobile calls
Plus 1300 and 25 international destinations.

Small Business: per line, per month

Standard $24.95

Max $39.95

Complete $49.95

Local, National Calls Included Included Included
Mobile Calls 30c per call Included Included
International Calls 25 Countries/Destinations^
20c for 15 minutes
25 Countries/Destinations^
20c for 15 minutes
Top 20 Destinations^^
Vonex to Vonex Calls Included Included Included
13/1300 Calls 25c per call 25c per call Included
Voicemail to Email Included Included Included
  Order Now ServiceM8 Order Now ServiceM8 Order Now ServiceM8
  Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary

CLICK HERE to see our Non Capped Plans.

Business IP Voice (Price include GST) $100 Min.Per month $250 Min.Per month  $500 Min. Per month $1000 Min. Per month
Local Calls – Unlimited $0.10 per call $0.09 per call $0.08 per call $0.07 per call
National Calls – Unlimited $0.10 per call $0.09 per call $0.08 per call $0.07 per call
Vonex to Vonex (Inter Office) Free
Fixed to Mobiles $0.16 per min $0.15 per min $0.14 per min $0.13 per min
International Calls (Top 25 Countries/Destinations) $0.20 for 15 min $0.20 for 15 min $0.20 for 15 min $0.20 for 15 min
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers $0.22 per call $0.22 per call $0.22 per call $0.22 per call
Access/plan fee per extension $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00

 Click To View Critical Information Summary

Order Now ServiceM8

These plans include your own Hosted iPBX with powerful features to make your small business far more efficient. Check out our Hosted iPBX Features Contact Us for a full list of approved handsets to connect to our IP Voice service. A $39 connection fee per handset applies to all services not connected on a 24 month agreement.

^25 Countries/Destinations include:

Argentina*, Germany*, Israel*, Norway*, Switzerland*, Canada, Greece*, Italy*, Russia*, Taiwan*, China, Hong Kong, South Korea*, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark*, India, Malaysia*, Spain*, United Kingdom*, France*, Ireland*, New Zealand*, Sweden*, United States (*calls to mobile are not included).

^^Top 20 Destinations include:

Canada, China, China mobile, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong mobile, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Singapore mobile, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States.

1300/1800 services to help your customers keep in touch

Crystal inbound solutions provide either 1300 or freecall 1800 numbers for your customers to call you from anywhere in Australia.  With no set up fees and the ability to set up area based routing to multiple answering points, this is a perfect solution for the Tradesman answering on his mobile to the Corporate customer with offices across the country.

13/1300 Call Charges

Call Type

Charge Type

No Contract

24 Month Contract

Local (1300)
Free for the first 15 minutes then
per min $0.08 $0.06
National per min $0.12 $0.08
Mobile to Fixed per min $0.16 $0.12
Fixed to Mobile per min $0.34 $0.29
Mobile to Mobile per min $0.34 $0.32
Monthly inbound service fee per month $16.00 $13.00

1800 Call Charges

Call Type

Charge Type

No Contract

24 Month Contract

Local per min $0.08 $0.07
National per min $0.12 $0.10
Mobile to Fixed per min $0.18 $0.16
Fixed to Mobile per min $0.40 $0.38
Mobile to Mobile per min $0.40 $0.38
Monthly inbound service fee per month $16.00 $13.00

Why choose our Hosted iPBX? (Next generation Net phone)

Reduce Costs

Business technologies are always evolving. It would be ideal if a business could access the most advanced technologies without having to spend large amounts of money on hardware. Our IP Voice Hosted iPBX makes this possible. In addition you will reduce your ongoing communication expenses significantly with our unbeatable low cost offers.

Scalable with Business Growth

For most businesses, it is difficult to know what is happening next month let alone what is going to happen in five years. It’s why you need a highly flexible technology like our IP Voice Hosted iPBX. Do you need new lines in your current office? Setting up a new interstate branch? It’s as easy as adding a new phone and plugging it into your DSL connection.

Crystal Clear Voice Quality

Our IP Voice offers call quality as good, if not better than traditional phone services (PSTN). Our quality assured program ensures that your set up is 100% compatible with our system. In addition our voice signal pattern is exactly the same as the one used on the copper network. It is by not trying to reinvent the wheel that we deliver crystal clear voice quality.

Feature Rich

Messages/Music on hold, conference calling facilities, call forward to mobile, voicemail to email, twinning to mobile, auto attendant (IVR) and a host of other features to raise your level of professionalism. Most of these functions are free or at a minimal cost, plus we looks after all the set up and changes you may require remotely and instantly.

Premium Brands

Our handsets are from the top IP handset manufacturers in the world, offering quality voice and ease of use. The range starts with basic office models right through to touch sensitive and cordless solutions. All are pre-programmed and ready to go as soon as you plug in to your internet connection.

Easy Installation

Our system is fully pre-configured in house to your exact specification prior to being delivered to you. So it is as simple as plugging it into power and an internet connection and start using it. That’s what we call plug and play.


Even if your power and internet go down, incoming calls will be immediately diverted to the alternate phone numbers that you have pre-assigned, which can include other phone lines, other offices or to your mobiles – providing a seamless, secure solution. And because our iPBX platform is mirrored across several servers in Australia and offshore, and routed through multiple IP traffic providers, we ensures a 99.93% uptime.

Currently, over 10,000 organisations are using Vonex iPBX system around the world, which include Toyota, Ray White, RSPCA and Ted’s Camera’s. Others include Auto Masters, Freedom Pools, Wittner Shoes and a number of government agencies.

About Us – Crystal IT and Vonex Telecom

Crystal IT have been offering IP Voice solutions since 2003, to help businesses save money on their telecommunications. In 2013, Crystal partnered with Vonex to deliver unparalleled iPBX solutions which are all centrally managed in the cloud.

Vonex is an internationally recognised market leader in IP voice and data services, who were recently voted #1 in the CRN Fastest 50 growing companies in Australia and ranked 16th in the Asia Pacific Tech Fast 500.  Read full article “CRN-Fast 50 of 2014″

The Future

It is expected that Voice over IP (or phone calls over the Internet) will in a few short years be the ‘normal’ way calls are made. The Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) running on standard copper will be redundant. With the advent of ADSL2+ in most areas across Australia providing a fast and stable internet platform, now is the time to get connected via IP Voice. The NBN currently being rolled out will make the change even more imperative.

If you’d like more information, click here to complete our online form.

General Notes:

  • All prices include 10% GST.
  • Minimum charge of $0.08 per call applies to all 1800 calls on no contract plans and $0.07 on 24 month contract.
  • Rates shown are per minute unless otherwise stated and are charged per second.
  • Rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For all services that have a contract added an early termination fee of $250.00 applies on a pro rata basis.
  • Definition of simple moves and changes: Add, delete or change an answering point, Change a call collection area for an answering point. Change call overflow, Change call Splaying, Change time and day settings.
  • Other changes only apply to services that have been ported to the vonex network.