Quickly & Easily book jobs

and schedule them to your field workers.

GPS Tracking allows you to

know where all your staff are at all times, so you can make smarter scheduling decisions.

Keeping Your Customers Informed Will Inspire Confidence,

Minimise Time Lost Waiting For Customers To Arrive & Reduce The Number Of Client No-Shows.

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Bookings, Scheduling & Live GPS Tracking


Booking jobs in ServiceM8 is quick, easy and convenient. Most jobs can be booked within 30 – 60 seconds.


Once entered, Scheduling jobs to field workers is a simple drag and drop process.

GPS Tracking

You can see where all your field workers are in real-time via the Dispatch Map, then drag and drop an Unscheduled Job straight to a Staff member’s slot on the Dispatch Board.


Rescheduling a job is as simple as dragging the job from one time slot or field worker to another. It’s really that simple.

Instant Notifications

Once a job is scheduled to a field worker, they instantly receive notification on their mobile device, which tells them.

  • Who the job is for.
  • What needs to be done.
  • When the job is scheduled for.
  • How you want the job done.

Job Checklists

ServiceM8 allows you to create Job Checklists, to ensure nothing gets missed.

Job Booking ServiceM8 mobile

Additional Features:

Multiple Resourcing

ServiceM8 allows you to schedule multiple staff to the same job, at either the same time or at different times or days. Ideal for project management and co-ordination.

Recurring Jobs

can be easily setup, so you never forget to book in those regular maintenance or cleaning jobs. Ideal for contract management.

Job Templates

allow you to create standard jobs booking forms, if you have similar jobs which a regularly booked.

Field worker ServiceM8


If you would like to find out more about ServiceM8 for your organisation, please download our Brochure for more information or complete our Online Enquiry Form and one of our ServiceM8 specialists will contact you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

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