Streamline your invoicing procedure

by generating invoices in the field, upon job completion.

You’ll get paid sooner & get your cash flow positive.


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ServiceM8 makes invoicing as fast and easy as possible. From your first job you’ll start with a professional looking invoice created as a PDF and saved in the job diary.


Mobile Invoicing

ServiceM8 lets you create fast and accurate PDF invoices, so you can email them straight to your clients, either from your iPad, iPhone or computer.
Invoicing in ServiceM8 is a cinch! You have access to all your business’s parts and material selling prices along with labour rates, at your fingertips.
Detailed descriptions of completed work can be easily added to your invoices.
ServiceM8 calculates the exact amount of time you spend on every job, by capturing start and finish times. Travel times can also be captured if you wish.
Client signatures, photos, notes, diagrams, forms, badges & files can be attached to any job.
Invoice templates can be completely customised to look exactly how you want them to.
Mobile invoicing allows you to instantly provide your clients with invoices so you get paid faster.
Progress/partial invoicing and payment deposits, are both supported.



Staff are able to issue professional invoice to clients, from the Mobile App, without needing access to your accounting system. It is far quicker to produce an invoice and email it from ServiceM8, using pre-defined custom email templates.


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ServiceM8 Packages

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