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All Information Is Stored In One Location From The Clients First Call.

Manage Jobs, Produce Mobile Quotes & Invoices On The Go.

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What is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based system designed to make it easy to book jobs and schedule them to field workers and streamline back-office processing tasks.

  • Staff in the field are instantly notified when new jobs have been assigned to them. As staff complete their jobs in the field, the award winning Mobile App allows them to record job completion notes, take photos, add tasks, and invoice your customers instantly.
  • Back at the office, admin staff can see how a job is progressing in real-time, and once completed, jobs can be approved to your accounting system with a single mouse click, greatly reducing back-office admin time.

How it works?


Book a Job

ServiceM8 makes it really easy to book new jobs into the system.

Jobs can be entered by:

  • Your back office staff, through the Dispatch Board, or
  • by a field worker through the ServiceM8 Mobile App or
  • alternatively, clients can request a job booking directly by sending an email to your ServiceM8 account.


  • Jobs can be scheduled to one or more field techs very easily through a visual calendar screen, using drag and drop,
  • Easily change booking times, dates or allocated staff, by simply dragging job bookings to a different time slot or field worker.
  • Smart scheduling decisions are made easy by utilising the Dispatch Map, which shows where all your field workers are relative to each job (in real-time).
  • Recurring jobs module ensures that you never forget to book regular jobs such as maintenance or ongoing contract jobs.
  • Automatic reminders can be automatically sent to customers at specified intervals, to remind them that their service is due

Real time data capture

  • Field workers check-in and out of jobs, providing you with accurate (to-the-minute) recording of each job’s duration and progress.
  • Staff can add job completions notes, follow up tasks, capture photos and client signatures.
  • Job checklists ensure that nothing gets missed.
  • Customisable Compliance Forms for JSA, Site Safety, OH&S , etc, allows you to ensure that all regulatory paperwork has been completed and signed off, before the job commences.
  • Everything gets saved in the cloud forever, so you can easily retrieve information about any job, whenever you need it.

Invoice Client

  • Field workers can add charges for stock used, labour, travel and call-out fees, while on-site via the mobile App, and capture client signature. (or you may prefer to leave this to your back-office staff).
  • Invoices paid on the spot, can be receipted instantly and sent to the customer.
  • ServiceM8 supports partial invoicing for deposits and progress payments

Accounting Integration

Invoices can be sent across to your accounting system, after approval, with a single mouse click, thus saving hours of data re-entry.

ServiceM8 is currently compatible with the following Accounting products:

  • MYOB (Windows versions only. Mac version not supported)
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks Online


ServiceM8 offers  a number of preconfigured and customisable reports to help analyse business performance and guide your decision making process.

In addition, numerous Add-Ons (mostly free) allow you to unleash additional features, designed to further improve your efficiency and leverage use of the system.

Summary of Key Features

Dispatch Board Features

Dispatch Board

The dispatch board is your business pulse. Book jobs in a few clicks, instantly produce quotes and invoices. Schedule staff and jobs easily using drag and drop.

Manage Staff

See other staff on your map in real-time. Call for reinforcements or make sure staff are at the right job

Google Maps

Locate clients and staff with one click with built-in Google Maps.

Job Scheduling

Use ServiceM8 as your group calendar, schedule jobs using drag-n-drop and notify field staff immediately.

Instant Dispatch

Drag urgent jobs onto a staff member to make it appear on their iPhone immediately. If they don’t have an iPhone they will get an SMS message.

Quote/Invoice Templates

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can edit our templates – it’s that easy. Choose from one of our pre-build templates or create your own.

Email and SMS

Keep customers in the loop by sending job quotes and updates via SMS or email, you can always refer back to earlier communication as everything is saved in the job diary.

Recurring Jobs

Never forget another job with ServiceM8 Recurring Jobs, also great for drumming up extra business.

Task Management

Track tasks for the entire company in one location. Set tasks for groups of staff, or individuals and get notified if they’re overdue.

Print Work Sheets

Quotes, work orders, invoices, route sheets and directions, ServiceM8 prints it all. Print an employees sheets for the day in a single click.

Extra Fields

Specify your custom details with extra fields to make ServiceM8 work for you.

Job Vault

No job is deleted, ever. Bring up any historic job in seconds using any information you have about the job.

Automatic Job Numbering

No more random job numbers, or multiple numbers for quotes, work orders and invoices. ServiceM8 issues a job number which lasts from quote through to invoice.

Data Import

Get up and running quickly by importing your existing clients from CSV files.

Track Payments

Can you guarantee every job makes it to accounts? Never miss another payment. ServiceM8 makes sure payment is received for every job you do.

MYOB + Xero + Quickbooks

Link MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks to ServiceM8 and sleep easy knowing an invoice is raised as soon as a job is completed, even from an iPhone.

Unlimited Users

No per user fees-ServiceM8 works harder the more you involve everyone in your business. Field staff, admin, accounts and managers should all have varying levels of access.

Built For Australia

Quotes and Tax Invoices include GST, no american dates and storing client ABN numbers makes invoicing a breeze.

SSL Encryption

Our servers are secured with back-grade encryption, so no-one can access your data but you.

Data Ownership

You own your data – not us. So we will do everything to ensure that no-one but you (and us if you need support) will ever see it. You can download your data at any time so your not locked in.

Mobile App Features


See your specific schedule, jump straight to your next job and get navigate to it. Running late? Call you next appointment and let them know.

Client Details

Call clients in a single tap. Keep all the details for each job in an easy to read format.

Turn-by-turn Navigation*

ServiceM8 uses iPhone Maps or Google it to navigate you to each job with the tap of a button.

Instant Quotes

Produce professional quotes on your iPhone in just a few taps.

One-Click Invocing

Save hours of double entry by allowing ServiceM8 help with your invoicing, if you’ve already quoted a job, then your quote becomes your invoice.

Stock Pricing

See available stock from you phone, add stock to quotes/invoices and access pricing on the go.

Client Signatures

Clients can sign your iPhone with a special pen, or their finger so you have a digital record of job completion.

Job Notes

Add notes to any job to keep everyone informed, prevent incorrect communication and increase efficiency.


Receive tasks directly on your iPhone and notify the office when they’re done.

Job Photos

Take photos while at the job, and share them instantly with other field staff, or anyone back at the office. Get advise or bring people up to speed.

Attach Documents

Don’t risk storing job documents on drives where they can be lost or saved-over. Store them on ServiceM8 and access them from any PC, or even from you Iphone on the go.

Sync with Contacts

Call your clients directly from your iPhone contacts, you don’t even have to open our app.

Powerful Search

No job or quote is ever deleted. Find any past job in seconds using a name, an email, a phone, an address, a job or even an invoice.

Shake to reload

Update your jobs simply by shaking your iPhone.


Manage your stock levels and ensure you have quantity available when quoting. Changing stock prices updates everyone’s iPhones, so no more incorrect quotes.


From Electricians to plumbers, locksmiths to graphic designers, in fact – almost any small business can use ServiceM8 to keep track of their jobs.


If you would like to find out more about ServiceM8 for your organisation, please download our Brochure for more information or complete our Online Enquiry Form and one of our ServiceM8 specialists will contact you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

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