Extended Warranty – Computer Hardware Terms & Conditons

1. This Warranty is a contract between the Warranty Holder and Crystal Integrated IT Solutions (ABN 45 392 575 130), referred to hereafter as Crystal.

2. This Warranty covers the replacement of faulty internal components** during the warranty period. Crystal will provide all replacement parts, labour, travel***, & freight, at no cost to the Warranty Holder.

3. This Warranty provides for the repair or replacement of faulty components# with the same specification and performance as available at time of repair.

4. The warranty service is provided by Crystal.

5. Any warranty service must be authorised by Crystal prior to any service being carried out. Crystal has no liability or responsibility for any service work carried out by parties other than Crystal.

6. A valid Crystal Warranty ID sticker must be adhered to the system under warranty, for any warranty service to be carried out. If not, youwill be charged for call-out (if on-site) and for any service work.


What is covered, and what is not?

7. This Warranty covers all fixed internal system components#. It doesnot cover any removable devices, including game devices, peripherals or external devices, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, stands or cables.

8. This Warranty does not cover broken or damaged cases, buttons, switches or locks, that are susceptible to user damage, and to ‘wear & tear’ damage occasioned by on-going use.

9. This Warranty does not cover media, consumables, or batteries.

10. Loose cards & cables are caused by assembly, transport, usage, or the environment; and are not faulty components or warranty faults.

11. This Warranty covers all internal components# at the time of original sale to you, but does not cover additional components fitted after the original purchase, except replacement parts supplied under warranty.

12. This warranty does not cover components destroyed or damaged by power spikes & surges (although your household insurance may).

13. To help protect you from inconvenience, data & software damage, and repair costs, all systems with a Crystal warranty must be connected to a functioning reliable surge protector, or UPS.

14. As a courtesy, if a hard disk is replaced, the Crystal warranty includes reloading the operating system, if the licensed software is available, and where possible and practical at the time of service, but does not include any other software configuration, or installing or reloading of Internet or network connectivity, or any software applications, and/or data restoration.

15. Reloading the operating system does not apply to server warranties.

16. This warranty covers replacing faulty components, and does not include rebuilding RAID arrays or reinstalling RAID software or configuration.

17. This Warranty does not cover damage, such as bent or damaged plugs or pins, caused by use or users, or external devices or cards.

18. This Warranty does not cover component failure caused simply by normal usage and/or ‘wear & tear’, eg DVD drives.

19. Damage to components caused by people, your environment, media, removable components, or consumables, is not covered.

20. Existing components damaged by the fitting of extra components, or by movement or adjustment or replacement of components, will not be covered, except where part of authorised warranty service.

21. This Warranty does not cover any problems caused by any software, settings, or configuration, including operating system software.

22. This Warranty does not cover problems or faults with, or caused by, BIOS or driver settings, or incorrect port or switch settings.

23. Damage to components caused by overclocking or configuring components beyond or different to the manufacturer’s specification is not covered by this warranty.

24. This Warranty does not cover faults caused by negligence or improper maintenance, or by environmental factors (such as enclosed spaces, abnormal temperatures, dust/dirt, insects, vermin, and sunlight).

25. This Warranty does not cover damage caused by flood, fire, earthquake, electrical storms, or other acts of God.

26. Where the Manufacturer of the system or part has voided their warranty, the Crystal warranty is likewise deemed voided for that system or part.

27. Your warranty covers the cost associated with the actual replacement of the faulty parts only. If the only available replacement parts are incompatible with the existing working components, and, to restore system operability, additional components would also need to be replaced, the cost of those additional components will be at your expense, if you decide to go ahead with repair.

28. Loss of data can occur in unpreventable and unforeseen ways. This Warranty does NOT cover loss of data, software or settings, before, during, or after, any warranty service. The Warranty Holder is responsible for the backing-up and the security of all data and software.


Procedural Items

29. Crystal’s staff are responsible for identifying and replacing faulty hardware components. The process of identifying & rectifying a fault can lead to loss of data and settings. Crystal takes all due care, but is not responsible for any loss of data, software, or settings, howsoever caused.

30. Often the repair or diagnosis cannot be effectively carried out on-site.Crystal may, at its discretion, remove the system, repair off-site, and return the system (at no additional expense).

31. Your Warranty includes an unlimited number of warranty calls duringthe warranty period; however, Crystal reserves the right to inspect the system, prior to service, to determine cause of any component failure(s).

32. This warranty specifically excludes faults caused by any systemic design, assembly, or manufacturer error by the system or parts manufacturer or assembler. If a systemic fault should become apparent, Crystal may decide to refund monies paid for any affected warranties (less the costs of any previous service for those faults).

33. Where Crystal is unable to, or prevented from having reasonable access to system, or is otherwise prevented from or unable to carry out warranty service in a reasonable and efficient manner, Crystal will void the warranty, and make a pro rata refund of the payment received for the Warranty in lieu of service.

34. In cases where any system is more than 25k from the nearest CrystalOffice, this warranty reverts to a Return to Base warranty. The Warranty Holder is responsible for delivering or shipping the faulty unit to and from the nearest Crystal office.

35. When logging a warranty call, you may be required to provide proof of ownership of the system and that that system is covered by a Crystal.

Warranty. If a service call is made for a system that is later found not to be under a Crystal warranty, you will be charged a call-out and service fee.

36. If you have requested a Crystal service call, and no faulty hardware components are found, ie therefore not a warranty fault, you will be charged a call-out & service fee.

37. At your request, the Crystal technician may back up or restore data and applications, or perform other work, such as installing software, as a separate non-warranty service. Any such non-warranty work or service, shall be separately billable.

38. Crystal accepts no liability for items that are lost, damaged, or stolen, as a result of transport or storage by any other party.

43. This Warranty, together with the system for which it was purchased, is not transferable.

40. This Warranty is of a specific type, for specific equipment (listed on the front of this Certificate), at a specific related price. If the equipment purportedly covered is not what is specified on this Warranty, then this Warranty is void, and any service provided will be chargeable. Please contact Crystal urgently if this appears to be the case to purchase & replace with the appropriate warranty.

41. The benefits and service available under this Warranty apply only to the system for which it was purchased and applied to.

42. Service is only available under this Warranty if Crystal has received full payment for the Warranty from the Warranty Holder.

43. If the Warranty Holder has any unpaid account/s owing to Crystal, for previous non-warranty service, any subsequent warranty fault that occurs will not be covered. Payment of outstanding accounts must be made 30 days or more prior to any warranty service. Payment of these accounts at the time of any such fault does not entitle the Warranty Holder to warranty service for that fault, ie you cannot choose to pay for previous service when you next have a fault.

44. Crystal’s liability shall only extend to the cost of service under the terms of this Warranty, but excludes liability for any direct or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, data or economic loss, loss of business or profit.


* Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AET (excl. Public Holidays) unless specified.
# At time of sale, plus any parts replaced under warranty. Tape equipments, and any components classed as ‘emerging technology’ at time of fault, are covered only for period of the manufacturers warranty.
** Within 25k of nearest Crystal Office for on-site warranties. For systems located > 25kms from nearest Crystal Office, the Warranty Holder is responsible for delivering or shipping the faulty unit to and from the nearest Crystal office.