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Get more up-time with better built networks to drive your productivity

A network that is consistently up is a network that drives revenue and productivity.

We’ll help make sure you have a network you can depend on, day and night. From wired to wi-fi, we’ll configure and support a network that fits the way you work. Our solutions take all your hardware into account as we design network solutions taking every server, PC, switch, router, printer, and backup unit into account.

Our staff have a wealth of networking experience gained through the setup and support of hundreds of networks, from small home and home office networks through to large scale and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Additionally, we offer fully managed network services, remote access networks and provide advice on the right network equipment for the job, and we’re able to supply and install both wired and wireless networking products at very competitive rates.

Crystal IT can customise a network solution to meet the needs of home, SOHO and corporate clients, offering smart solutions at an affordable price.

Crystal are partnered with all the major network component vendors such as Cisco, Netgear, D-Link, Draytek, Ubiquity and others. We can recommend the most cost effective wired and/or wireless products to make your network run efficiently.

The experience gained over many years and hundreds of network sites, allows us to provide prompt network diagnostic services, to determine the root cause of any network issues, such as network disconnections, congestion, timeouts, incorrect  configuration, latency, etc.

Our cablers are Austel approved and can install both voice and data cabling at very competitive pricing.

Let Crystal IT  assist you with your next office relocation. We’ll help to reduce the stress associated with moving premises, because we know exactly what needs to be arranged and in what order…

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Network Design & Setup

A well designed network will enable you to centralise and share your data between staff effectively. Crystal IT strives to develop the best network Infrastructure for your business. We work closely with your staff to determine their requirements and liaise extensively with management to create a network that is fully functional and user friendly. We will also train your staff in the efficient use of software applications, thus improving productivity.

We can provide networking solutions for the following:

  •  Client/Server environments
  • Thin Client environments
  • Peer to peer networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • VPN Virtual Private Networks) for multiple branches
  • Remote Access
  • Telecommuters (Mobile staff access)
  • Cabling infrastructure (Data & Phone)
  • Local Area (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Managed Private Networks

With 15 years of experience providing solutions to small and medium businesses, Crystal IT has the knowledge and experience to deliver the most effective network solutions for your business. With a team of technical and product specialists working together with your business, you can be confident that regardless of how simple or complex the integration, you will have a full understanding of what is happening and why it is being done. Crystal IT provides complete visibility over the entire process from consultation through to completion.

Wireless Network Solution

Wireless networks allow for network connectivity in places where it is impractical to run network cables. Recent improvements in wireless technology now provide greater wireless range, speed and security, and prices for good quality wireless components has come down to very reasonable levels.

Crystal IT have many years of experience in installing wireless networks, and have a wealth of knowledge regarding the different wireless technologies available. So whether you need a basic home network or a complex corporate wireless network with hotspot isolation or even enterprise grade wireless with central management of all access points, we have you covered.

We stock the following wireless brands and products:


Wireless Products:

the following products are available in wireless G, N, NAC and Dual Band

      • Wireless network cards and adaptors
      • Wifi Modem/Routers
      • Wireless Access Points, Repeaters, Bridges
      • Unified Access Points
      • Range Extenders
      • Indoor and Outdoor High Gain Antennas
      • Ethernet over Power



Network Troubleshooting

Crystal IT’s staff are experienced in troubleshooting network issues of all kinds. Whether it be network disconnections, slowness, intermittent timeouts, excessive bandwidth utilisation, or total outage, our techs have the tools and the knowledge to get you back up and running.

Network issues are generally divided into 3 distinct categories:


1. Physical issues:

Network issues caused by either faulty networking equipment such as network cards and switches, or cable breakage and shorts. Our staff carry network testing equipment which assists us to quickly diagnose the cause of any hardware or cabling fault.


2. Software & configuration issues:

Incorrectly configured networks, multiple DHCP servers, incorrect DNS, or network rampant viruses can all cause erratic network behaviour. Network mapping software and packet sniffers, allow our staff to see what’s happening on your network, so we can quickly address any software or configurational issues that may be the root cause of a poor performing network.


3. General network congestion:

Just like a road with an insufficient number of lanes to cope with peak hour traffic, a computer network needs to have the right components installed in the right way, to handle the amount of network traffic that flows through it. Slow networks can be caused by either using underpowered components or having a less than optimal network topology (the architecture of the network). Careful analysis of the entire network and evaluation of all components can indicate which network segments need to be upgraded.

Network Cabling

Crystal can provide network cabling solutions for both data and voice. We have Austel accredited cablers who can perform full office cabling for data networks and voice, extensions to existing networks, business or residential, at some of the most competitive prices around.


Office Relocations

Moving office can be a very challenging and stressful time. With so many things to arrange, it’s easy to get frustrated and forget to arrange critical setup items.

Let our staff assist you in your next move and benefit from our experience of having moved many clients to their new premises. We will help to reduce the stress of moving, because we know exactly what needs to be arranged for your IT & Telephony, and in what order, to ensure a hassle free transition between your old and new premises.

We can assist with the following items, to let you focus on other matters:

Data/network & phone cabling.

Phone system re-location.

Computers, Server and network equipment relocation.

Comms room setup, including patch panels, switches, router, etc.

Broadband re-location (ADSL, SHDSL, Ethernet over Copper, Cable, Wireless, 3G/4G).

Provision of temporary 3G/4G wireless internet solution if your internet transfer has been delayed.

We take the stress our of moving by looking after all of these arrangements for you!

Virtual Private Network (VPN)