At Crystal IT,

we pride ourselves on developing long term working relationship with our clients,

by providing prompt & professional services which are very reasonably priced.

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Complaints Procedure

At Crystal IT, we pride ourselves on developing long term working relationships with our clients, by providing prompt and professional services which are very reasonably priced. Whilst our staff always endeavour to follow industry best practices and adopt an attitude of doing the best we can for each and every client, the fact remains that computers, software and viruses pose a very complex set of variables, making the technician’s job of diagnosis and resolution rather difficult at times. We get it right most of the time! However, occasionally things do not go to plan, despite our best efforts and intentions.
Our commitment to you, is that we will do whatever we can, within reasonable expectation, to resolve your concerns, in situations where a job has not been completed to your satisfaction.

The steps below, detail our procedure for handling complaints. Over the years, we have found that the majority of complaints have been successfully and amicably resolved when the following process is followed:

  • Most complaints and concerns can be resolved verbally with your technician. If you have a question or concern, we advise you to discuss it in the first instance, with your technician and he/she will arrange a suitable time to attempt to resolve the outstanding issues.
  • If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved in discussion with your technician, you should submit written details of your complaint to the manager (see below), who will provide a written response within seven days of receiving your written submission. Please ensure to include as much information as possible, and provide specific information regarding error messages, and be as accurate as possible when referring to dates and times and of the discussions had with our staff.
  • The manager will consider all factors in the process of compiling a written response, to which there will generally be three possible outcomes:

(a) Offer of re-work: in cases where the dispute relates to quality of workmanship, the manager reserves the right to offer to have the faulty equipment examined and re-worked, with the view of having the problem resolved.

(b) Offer of financial refund: in certain cases, the manager may offer to refund part or all of the moneys paid in relation to the disputed item. If resolution of the matter involves a full or partial refund, the restitution will be made within seven days of your acceptance of the resolution.

(c) Rejection of complaint: If the manager rejects the complaints, the manager will supply a reason for the rejection in the written response.

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